Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updates From a Most Lovely Kitty

So mummy brought me home some little presies today. She discovered the Martha Stewart Craft line a store she will not admit going to but dose because somethings are so darn cheep. She brought home ribbon and now my neck is adorn with a most beautiful bow. I must say I look rather posh. She also brought home a silly little toy for me, she claims it is a bone folder and used for creasing and crafting but she forgot that I lack opposable thumbs and thus do not craft. It is ok it will still work for my favourite game, knock toy under furniture. Then mommy looks under and tries to reach it. Silly mommy I always win at this game. I am such a clever kitty.

I have now exhausted myself (paws are not ideal for typing) and must lay down.

Many Kisses
Felicity A. Huffman

Friday, May 8, 2009

Martha Call Me!

It is very difficult to be me today. I was left all alone all evening. Mummy was off gallivanting and didn't even bring me home a treat. Sharky and Francesca would never have to put up with this. They were on Jimmy Fallon last night and they were sporting Sikorsky crystal collars. Now I did just receive a new collar and it is pink and in support of breast cancer which makes me quite a la mode but it isn't crystal. Perhaps I will have to write Martha and have her talk to mummy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank Heavens For Little Kitties!

Bonjour! I would just like to welcome you to my little blog. I must say I am really putting myself out, writing this and future articles. You simply cannot understand, unless you are a luvly mademoiselle like my Aunties Lucy and Ethel, how difficult it is to maintain such cuteness. I do understand how much my fans need updates and for that, I write.

Today was rather dreary in the Eastern townships. I am an indoor kitty except for the terrace that is, however, I do so enjoy to lay in the sun, my second afternoon nap requires it. So if someone out there could perhaps arrange for a petit amount of sunlight tomorrow that would be just wonderful. My day was not dull despite what one may think. Two small monsters infiltrated the house. They were quite odd, they were not the first I had seen of their kind, no no. They were quite bright and had some strange fluffy businesses coming out of them. One of them made a strange rattle noise. I took care of the intruders keeping Laura safe. I feel Laura may have unintentionally given them access to our home. She can't be blamed though one rarely has beauty along with intelligence, I am rather lucky.

Well, that is all for today. I am rather tired and should retire to the top of the sofa to watch Gray's Anatomy and catch a few winks.